Amicus attend the Scaffolding Association AGM

AMICUS attend The Scaffolding Association AGM on Thursday 12th September   

Amicus are looking forward to attended the Scaffolding Association AGM in London on Thursday.

"We are proud to support the excellent work of the association and to meet with the members who comprise some of the most progressive scaffolding firms in the UK" said Director Paul Beck

The scaffolding Association has grown to be the largest voice representing the industry in recent years and it continues to go from strength to strength representing the interests of the Access Industry and those who work in it.   



Come visit us at RWM Expo

AMICUS WILL BE AT RWM ( Waste and Recycling) Exhibition at the NEC   11th and 12th September 

Amicus are looking forward to meeting you at the RWM expo at the NEC next week.

Our new stand has just arrived, and we love it.

Come and visit us for a chat and a free gift    

(You can find us at Stand W37) 


Insurance issues for Scaffold Sheeting and Wrapping

Scaffold Sheeting and Wrap .  Have you checked that the,material is fire retardant ?

If you regularly use sheeting then you will be well aware of factoring in wind loading and such like, but have you considered the fire resisting capabilities of the sheeting itself ?      

Since the Grenfell tragedy, Insurers (and Professional indemnity Insurers in particular), have become far more wary of providing any cover for a facade that has not been certified as flame retardant. 

A complete sheet or scaffolding wrap could fall under the definition of "facade" and would therefore be covered by this exclusion. 

These exclusions are becoming more and more common place as policies come up for renewal so it is now vital that you check the flame retardent properties of all the sheeting materials you use and speak to your broker if you feel that some may fall foul of this condition.

Charity Golf Day

Standard Investment Group Raise over £22,000 in Charity Golf Day

Amicus were delighted to participate in and to be a main sponsor of the Standard Golf Day held at the beautiful Woldingham Golf Club.

The total raised on the day was just under an amazing £22,079 which will be shared amongst some very good causes including-

Motor Neurone Disease Association, Scott Burgess, New Addington Samaritans,  and  several smaller local beneficiaries

Amicus are always happy to support local causes and this one is always close to our hearts.  Thanks to everyone at Standard Plant for organising it so well. 


The Chancellor's Parting Gift

Former Lord Chancellor, David Gauke’s parting gift before he bowed out of government last month, was to increase the Ogden discount rate from – 0.75% to – 0.25%.


Whilst this represents a welcome correction to the "ludicrous" – 0.75% rate introduced in 2018, it went directly against the advice of the government Actuary, who stated that a rate of +0.25% would be fair to claimants but reduce the risk of them becoming over compensated.

The result of his surprising decision will make life more expensive for motorists and businesses up and down the UK.    

Why you might need Shareholder Protection

Why Your Business Might Need Ownership Protection

 We all understand that businesses in the construction sector have to spend significant amounts on general insurances, particularly on the essential and compulsory liability covers, and on insuring heavy vehicles and machinery.

However an area that is by no means compulsory, but is often overlooked, is using insurance to protect the ownership of the business.

The threat to your business.

The death of an owner or a partner will be tragic and can cause many problems.  In addition to the obvious and every day problems associated with the loss of a driving force behind the business,  companies overlook the destabilizing effect such a loss can have on the business itself.

When an owner or partner dies, then their stake in the business is likely to pass directly to their family. If this was a majority shareholder, this could mean that the remaining owners lose control of some or all of the business and have to work with the spouse or child of a former owner, which can often be difficult and stressful for both parties.