Cosmetics and Perfume

The UK cosmetics and perfume sector is £10 Billion industry with its own unique insurance requirements.

Amicus are trusted by a number of the UK's most prestigious cosmetics brands and have an expertise that has been built up over many years in dealing with the particular insurance requirements of the cosmetics and perfume industry.

We understand the the complex risks involved in managing large retail business with a global supply chain and worldwide distribution requiring umbrella global coverage and individually tailored insurance solutions for specific territories.

You Can Put Lipstick On A Pig...

Cosmetics and perfume companies have insurance requirements, like few other businesses.

Reputation and brand loyalty can take decades to build up and can be destroyed in an instant. Customers can be very fickle. 

You need an insurer who understands not only the importance of paying the claim, but who understands the importance of preventing any reputational damage, no matter where in the world it might occur.

An insurer with the global reach to protect your supply chain and your distribution, and to understand emerging risks in both the real and the cyber world. 

A Stark Warning For Fleet Operators and Transport Managers

Sometimes it can take a tragedy to bring things into focus.   The following story scared us so much that we felt we should share it with you.

Amicus Become CLOCS Champions

Construction Logistics and Community Safety

Amicus are pleased to announce that we have now been appointed as CLOCS Champions.  

5 Things Businesses Need to Know About Cyber Attacks in 2018

Cyber-crime costs the UK economy billions of pounds every year, but it’s not just large companies that are at risk. SMEs are now firmly in the firing line as they’re often woefully unprepared.

Nearly half of UK businesses suffered some sort of cyber breach in the last financial year, Government figures show.

The most common attacks were via fraudulent emails, either through staff unwittingly revealing passwords or opening dangerous attachments. Viruses and malware were the next most frequent types of attack. This sends out a clear message to SMEs that they need to take cyber-crime extremely seriously in 2018…


Ogden Decks the National Health

As you are probably aware, the insurance industry has had a shakeup with the introduction of the Ogden Report which dramatically affects how payments are made when there is a lifechanging accident. What people do not seem to realise is that this will also dramatically affect our beloved National Health System in a time when she is already creaking to cope with escalating compensation claims.

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