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The key area in which Amicus differentiates itself from other brokers in the marketplace is in the area of claims. Lots of people talk about providing a great claims service, but to get it right takes time, effort and no small amount of investment. It doesn’t happen by accident and nor does it come cheap.  At Amicus we are fortunate enough to employ some of the industry’s most dedicated and passionate claims staff, led by our claims director Andy Morrison.

We believe that by investing in a truly high end claims service which investigates every single aspect of the claim, and looks at every detail, every piece of CCTV or dash cam footage and every witness statement, that we can drastically improve on the performance of the insurer’s own claims department. We have a forensic approach to claims and to claim management that takes nothing at face value and will argue each and every point to ensure our client gets the correct outcome, not simply the most expedient one.

This approach is expensive and time consuming but it will reduce your claims costs ( both your own and third party), your administration costs and your vehicle down time which will in turn result in premium reductions that are sustainable over years, not just months.

We believe our approach is well worth the extra effort and so do our clients. 

The AMICUS difference:  
  • Taking time to listen to you and to fight your corner
  • Quicker claims settlement
  • Fairer claims settlement
  • Fewer errors
  • Common sense decision making
  • Better communication
  • Less downtime
  • Reduced third party costs
  • Improved claims experience for you
  • Lower cheaper premiums sustainably year on year
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