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At Amicus we genuinely appreciate receiving feedback from our clients, we actively encourage it . It is so important to us to know when we are getting thing wrong….and getting things right

Below we have listed a few examples of just some of the feedback that we have received over the years. We like to think it demonstrates the experience of being an Amicus client.

March 2011

“We would recommend using Amicus Insurance Solutions Limited to obtain alternative quotations for your insurances.

The directors of Amicus opened my eyes with a refreshing insight on how insurance could be conducted. They provided enhanced cover that was tailored to us and reduced our premiums by over 30%. From both a professional and personal point of view, Amicus Insurance not only saved us a considerable sum but demonstrated that they are quality insurance brokers.”

April 2011

“We have been with Amicus for four years, during this time our premiums have more than halved and their service has been both personal and first class. We would recommend using Amicus Insurance Solutions Ltd to obtain alternative quotations for your insurances.”

June 2014

"As such we unequivocally and whole-heartedly recommend the services of Robin Smith and Amicus: They are a 21st Century Operation with a key understanding of the challenges facing small, medium and large enterprises operating in the construction industry today.

Amicus Delivered to (us) rates that were previously unimaginably competitive and did so in a friendly and understanding manner. Whilst they are clearly capable of placing significant business, they remain human and personable."

October 2017

"I can honestly say that Amicus' and XL Catlin's approach to insurance and accident management is a breath of fresh air to us. We feel we are now fully supported and working with companies with the same values and goals as ourselves going forward. I would be happy to recommend Amicus to anyone and thank them for their close support and hard work"      

Feedback & Comments

We truly welcome any comments you have regarding our company, products or service. If you would like to forward your comments on to us we would look forward to receiving them. Please feel free to contact our Director Adam Scott at adam.scott@amicus-insurance.com

All testimonials can be verified and a request will need to be put in writing.

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