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Claims Services

AMICUS Assist is an additional service that we offer to our existing clients and also to certain clients who may not place their insurances through us.
Amicus Assist Motor  ( Proactive Claims Management) 

The service was born out of an increasing concern that many of the larger fleet insurers were not resourcing their in house claims departments with the number and calibre of staff that are needed to actively manage the claims process and defend their clients against the onslaught of third party claims costs. Fleet operators were finding their premiums were spiraling out of control as third party costs went unchallenged and deteriorating claims experiences began to make them uninsurable. The solution was obvious. To develop a new and highly interventionist approach to claims that takes in prevention, proactive intervention when the claim occurs and then mitigating the loss.

  • Our services include :  
  • Advice on risk management, 
  • The selection, location and fitting of cameras
  • Interpreting CCTV footage and how it can be best used in your defence
  • Driver training
  • Improved reporting procedures
  • Full intervention in the claims from reporting, through analysis of CCTV imagery 
  • Negotiation with Third party insurers and legal.  
  • Attendance at court and expert witness.   
  • Recovering policy excesses and other uninsured losses

Contact Andy Morrison for more information on how we can help you manage your motor claims costs and reduce your premiums.


AMICUS Assist Property  (Lorega) 

However good your insurance policy, a claim can be a traumatic, confusing and upsetting experience, not to mention extremely time consuming. Well that is when you will find us at your side looking out for you and providing help and advice. However there are some things we just can’t do for you.  So wouldn’t it be great to also have your own personal loss adjuster working along side us. Another expert on your side, fighting your corner, liaising with insurers and helping you with quantifying and calculating your loss whilst you can get on with getting the business back up and running. For larger claims, we find this extra dimension can be very useful and it is remarkably inexpensive.

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